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Dance Umbrella at the Johannesburg Arts Alive International Festival
2014 proudly presents work that includes collaborations between
South African and International artists.

The programme includes:

The Wits Theatre
Sunday, August 31 from 10:00 am
Up to 40 youth / community dance companies present works that
include hip hop, pantsula, contemporary dance, traditional dance
and more. (Free)

The Wits Theatre
Sunday, August 31 @ 19:00
Baobab Shadows a choreography by Harold George from the
Brussels-based Dunia Dance Theatre, in collaboration with the DTZ/
DFC Harare. An African storyteller, beneath a tree tells stories of love
and loss. This creation uses a wide range of artistic media interacting to
bring shadows to life.

More In Than Out Of Time choreographed by Portia Mashigo: It
depends on the time given us to build and form relations that gives
us the energy flow for better dialogue that inspires change and
collaboration. Presented by Africalia.

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Les Nuits (THE NIGHTS)
by Angelin Preljocaj, music by Natacha Atlas & Samy Bishai,
costumes by Azzedine Alaïa and scenography by Constance Guisset
The Joburg Theatre
Tuesday, September 2 & Wednesday, September 3 @ 20:00

Ballet Preljocaj is a world-renowned French ballet company, performing
for the first time in South Africa, with a cast of eighteen dancers.
French choreographer Angelin Preljocaj explores the One Thousand
and One Nights story through the piece The Nights. These tales
contain some very sensual aspects, which the choreographer wished to
represent through dance. What makes One Thousand and One Nights
particularly captivating is the device established through the character
of Sheherazade. “With her words, culture and intelligence she
represents a bastion against barbarism and challenges us to question
the role of women in society and delves deeply into the mystery of a
mythical Orient, where the body represents symbols, like a calligraphy
expressing moods and emotions.”

The Nights is brought to South Africa by the French Institute of South
Africa and TOTAL South Africa as part of its 60th anniversary.(PG 13)

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by Gregory Maqoma and choreographer Roberto Olivan from Spain
The Market Theatre
Wednesday, September 3 & Thursday, September 4 @ 20:00

These two performers decided to move beyond rhetoric and rather lean
into their intuition to follow what they consider to be significant; that
which has been lost in our current everyday life. They follow an inner
voice that has been there for generations, and has given transcendental
guidance through trance rituals and ceremonies, throughout the
history of human culture. To listen to that voice involves stirring up
many emotions and thoughts that slumber deep within our being, thus
colouring and informing our opinions. This south-to-south conversation
is a journey between two similar beings, evoking their shared visions,
whilst belonging physically to very disparate roots.

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7 Pillars by Luyanda Sidiya and Tshawe by Thabo Rapoo
The Wits Theatre
Thursday, September 4 & Friday, September 5 @ 19:00

The work 7 Pillars is inspired by what we, as human beings, yearn for; that which guides us to a complete-ness, a one-ness and a desire to
feel holistic. We are in constant search within ourselves, in others and around us for that missing piece that is supposed to lead us to total
freedom and perfection. Do we have it… do we get to it… is it inside us? This work will be further developed with the UK based company
ACE Dance and Music as a collaboration.

Tshawe looks at Human Rights that links across all cultures, language and religion, with a focus on the Marikana mining disaster.

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CARGO: Precious
A collaboration between P J Sabbagha and Sylvaine Strike,
music is composed by Concord Nkabinde.
The Market Theatre
Saturday, September 6 @ 20:00 & Sunday, September 7 @ 14:30

CARGO: Precious premiered at the National Arts Festival 2014 as a Dance Forum production. A collaboration between P J Sabbagha,
choreographer from Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative and Sylvaine Strike, Director of the Fortune Cookie Theatre Company, the music is composed by Concord Nkabinde. Most are familiar with how the Saartjie Baartman story ends: her remains repatriated to South Africa, nearly two centuries after her body had been dissected and bottled in formaldehyde, in an experiment said to have been done “in the name of science”.

CARGO: Precious explores the untold part of Saartjie’s extraordinary story: her time spent on a ship between the two continents of Africa and Europe, having been promised a life of freedom, fame and fortune as the subject of fascination in a travelling show called The Hottentot Venus. Loaded as cargo onto a ship leaving Cape Town, she was the only woman on board. This is the imagined content of her eight weeks at sea.

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by Moya Michael and Igor Shyshko
The Wits Theatre
Saturday, September 6 @ 19:00 & Sunday September 7 @ 16:30

The timeline shared between these two artists reveals the similarities
of their histories: one coming of age in apartheid South Africa and the
other in Belarus in the wake of the Chernobyl disaster. Darling, a term
of endearment between these two friends, becomes symbolic of their

“Darling is the sort of gentle choreography you rarely see. Subtle and
full of poetry.”- de Standaard.

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TICKET PRICES: * Between R60 & R100

  • Pre-book for two or more shows and get a 30% discount!
  • Students and School Block Bookings for 10 or more: 30% discount
  • Bookings at Computicket www.computicket.com or call 011 492 2033.

All this information was correct at the time of going to print.
Please go to www.dancforumsouthafrica.co.za
or call 011 492 0709 for updates.

For more information on the Johannesburg Arts Alive
International Festival 2014, please go to www.artsalive.co.za.


DU logo
Dance Umbrella 2014 was funded by City of Joburg, Johannesburg
Arts Alive Festival. Other partners include: French Institute of South
Africa and TOTAL South Africa for Angelin Preljocaj and Gauteng
Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation.

Dance Forum would like to thank the City of Joburg for giving us the
opportunity of being part of the Arts Alive International Arts Festival for
the last three years.

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Georgina Thomson talking to Carolyn Steyn & Michael de Pinna on Whispers - Radio Today

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Download Full Programme Here

Gregory Maqoma & Roberto Olivan: "Lonely Together"

Ballet Preljocaj: Les Nuits

Moya Michael and Igor Shyshko: Darling


Booking for programmes at Wits Theatre and John Kani Theatre:

Booking for Les Nuits at Joburg Theatre:
Joburg Theatre


  • John Kani Theatre – R100 Full price
  • Wits Theatre – R60 Full price
  • Joburg Theatre – R100 Full price
  • 30% off for block bookings @ all venues
  • 50% off for student bookings @ John Kani Theatre and Joburg Theatre
  • 30% off for student bookings @ Wits Theatre