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Celebrating 25 years of dancing all over

The first Dance Umbrella platform was presented 25 years ago in February 1988.

How much we have danced since then…

This year, Dance Forum in partnership with the Johannesburg Arts Alive International Festival once again offers you the opportunity to enjoy exciting, new and commissioned works from both local and international choreographers.

Dance Umbrella 2013 includes five international companies, 15 new works from South African choreographers along with the Stepping Stones programme which features 30 choreographers.

(Cover photographer Mac Magagne)

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By Mandafounis, Mazliah, and Zahry: three choreographers/dancers who work with internationally renowned choreographer William Forsyth (Germany)

The Dance Factory

Saturday, August 31 @ 19:30 & Sunday, September 01 @ 18:00

The goat that departs…

A journey through evolving figurations.

Set in the aesthetic landscape of the theatre as a choreographed exchange of live images, creating a play on the mechanism of appearance production. Can we then be aware of the way we consume impressions?Goethe

Presented in South Africa by the Goethe Institut Johannesburg.

Cover Up


By Fana Tshabalala (recipient of the Standard Bank Young Artists Award for Dance 2013)Indumba Sponsors

The Dance Factory

Tuesday & Wednesday, September 03 & 04 @ 19:00

Bodies will enter the space which was created to purify the mind, body and the soul. The cleansing process takes place at each moment spent in that place. Every individual’s cleansing process will be appreciated and acknowledged for what it is in order for bodies to learn from one another without being judgmental. Indumba premiered at the National Arts Festival 2013 and is presented in collaboration with the National Arts Festival.



By Adele BlankFree Flight Dance

The Market Theatre

Tuesday to Thursday, September 03, 04 & 05 @ 20:30

Blank Page! - what is this? Recapturing of some of the excitement audiences experienced worldwide. From Soweto to Basel the performances mounted by Free Flight Dance Company back in the day described as “Stimulating, scintillating, sensuous and technically proficient with much Body and Soul”.

Blank Page


Wits Downstairs Theatre

Thursday & Friday, September 05 & 06 @ 19:30

New works from Reginald Danster, Sonnyboy Motau and Liyabuya Gongo; also Thamsanqa Majela, Kieron Jina with Joni Barnard. Nthabiseng Segoe from Orange Farm showcases the outcome from Dance XChange.

Don’t miss this opportunity to come and discover these exciting new works for yourself!

Kieron Jina


By T42 Dance Projects choreographed by Misato Inoue and Félix Duméril (Switzerland)

The Wits Theatre

Friday, September 06 @ 18:00

Madame Butterfly represents a stereotype of the perfect Oriental woman - obedient, sweet, pure and faithful; however, a close examination of Madame Butterfly has profound implications and shows mistaken assumptions about our identity.

Another Chopstick Story explores the struggle of coming to grips with one’s own identity the misconceptions between East and West, and between men and women.

SWAN: Is it possible that thought of innocence, vulnerability and elegance can manifest into reality in shape? We may say white is the absence of color, as purity has no memory, while black is the saturation of color as recurrent waves of pain and discreditable secrets We look deeply into this profound despair, fear guilt and anger and we find horrible a similarity to innocence, such as the infinite field of unfolding possibilities.

Funded by the Stadt Bern (city of Bern), Kanton Bern (Province/Canton of Bern), Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council, Stanley Johnson Foundation.

another chopstick


An international collaboration between Cross-over Dance Company ISH (NL), ethnical rapper Zuluboy (SA) and Moving into Dance Mophatong (SA)

The Market Theatre

Saturday, September 07 @ 18:30 & Sunday, September 08 @ 15:00

Each of our five senses tells us the story of our surroundings.

Although they can be deceptive, we learn to trust them as a means to get a grip on reality. But what if you cannot hear? With “I Feel Ya”, ISH, Zuluboy and Moving into Dance Mophatong join forces and take you on an adventure into a world where no sound exists. This piece is equally inspiring for people with or without a hearing disability.

A show where Hip Hop meets traditional music, meets afrofusion, meets breakdance, meets sign language...

I Feel Ya


By Mamela Nyamza

The Barney Simon Theatre

Saturday, September 07 @ 19:30 & Sunday, September 08 @ 14:00

Okuya Phantsi Kwempumlo/The Meal received a Standard Bank Ovation Award at the National

Arts Festival 2012. Okuya Phantsi Kwempumlo considers cooking, eating, art and love. It celebrates the creative capacity of young South Africans to subvert and transform instruments of oppression and denigration into expressions of ecstasy and beauty. It reflects on the relationship between women from different generations and races.

The Meal


By Francisco Camacho / EIRA (Portugal)

The Wits Theatre

Sunday, September 08 @ 18:00

A work by Portuguese choreographer Francisco Camacho, Our Lady of the Flowers shares the title with a Genet novel. Presented in over 40 venues in Europe and South America since its premiere in 1993, this work is choreography of convulsion, obsession, of failing psychological systems, of a collapsing body, of dance in absolute sensual pleasure.

Funded by the Government of Portugal, the Secretary for Culture and produced by EIRA.

Note: Our Lady of the Flowers (Notre Dame des Fleurs) is the debut novel of French writer

Jean Genet, first published in 1943.

Our Lady of Flowers


By Kristin Wilson

The Barney Simon Theatre

Tuesday & Wednesday, September 10 & 11 @ 18:00

“Life will break you. Nobody can protect you from that, and living alone won’t either, for solitude will also break you with its yearning. You have to love. You have to feel.

It is the reason you are here on earth. You are here to risk your heart. You are here to be swallowed up. And when it happens that you are broken, or betrayed, or left, or hurt, or death brushes near, let yourself sit by an apple tree and listen to the apples falling all around you in heaps, wasting their sweetness.Plattitued

Tell yourself you tasted as many as you could.”
- Louise Erdrich, The Painted Drum



By Helanius J Wilkins (USA)

The Dance Factory

Tuesday & Wednesday, September 10 & 11 @ 20:00

Conceived, choreographed, and performed by US-based Helanius J.Wilkins, /CLOSE/R, emerges from a place of fear and flight. This critically-acclaimed evening-length solo project exposes Wilkins in his naked truth through a process of shedding. Inspired in part by notions of what is uncomfortable, Wilkins navigates his way from questions to statements while exploring newfound personal realisations of dance. This piece fuses lighting design, video technology, movement, and text through the subtle intimacy of humour.

/CLOSE/R was made possible in part by the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities, an agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.

(This work has nudity in it: not recommend for sensitive viewers)

Close r


By choreographer Germaine Acogny (Senegal)

Market Theatre

Wednesday & Thursday, September 11 & 12 @ 19:30

Songook Yaakaar (Facing up to Hope) is a solo piece by Germaine Acogny, in collaboration with her “artistic family” Pierre Doussaint, Fabrice Bouillon, Bernard Mounier and Fred Koenig.

Germaine Acogny speaks again with her body, her gestures, her dance - but not only this.

She also talks and she knows talking as well, and laughing and shouting and whispering.

She makes you meet her Africa, its leaders, its people, the life today.

She shows that there is hope in spite of disasters and ignorance.

Presented in partnership with the French Institute of South Africa.

Germaine Acogny


By Mcebisi Bhayi in collaboration with Joey Chua

The Barney Simon Theatre

Friday & Saturday, September 13 & 14 @ 18:00

Givers and Takers is a contemporary dance work which explores the perennial themes in human relationships - love, sex and power.

Sometimes dark, sometimes humorous, the work tries to underplay the level of violence to which women are exposed to in South Africa, versus the power of abuse which women perpetuate in Singapore.

A collaboration between South Africa and Singapore and funded by National Arts Council, Singapore, Dance Umbrella South Africa and the National Arts Council South Africa.

Givers and Takers


By Nelisiwe Xaba and Mocke J van Veuren

The Dance Factory

Friday & Saturday, September 13 & 14 @ 19:30

Nelisiwe Xaba and Mocke J van Veuren present a pair of related collaborative works reflecting on two contemporary issues. Uncles & Angels, a solo dance piece with live video manipulation which explores questions around chastity, virginity testing, purity, and tradition.

Scars & Cigarettes explores rites of passage: ritual events that mark a person’s transition from one status to another. Rituals, such as male circumcision, focus on the phallus as a symbol of masculine identity and power. Scars & Cigarettes elaborates the visual, technical and symbolic language established in Uncles & Angels to turn a critical gaze toward masculinity and its associated rituals.

Uncles and Angels


By Luyanda Sidiya

The Market Theatre

Friday & Saturday, 13 & 14 September @ 20:30

Umnikelo - “offering” is a broad word and in this context an offering is regarded as the act of being submissive by will towards a form or a force beyond physical comprehension. We offer ourselves or our offering to our god(s) in submission. The ancients would deliberately create organised chaos in order to reflect the internal chaos of the mind. This was a form of expression, communicating their fear and or asking if not praising the higher being.

Dominion - this work is inspired by the Energy and Power in all of us.

Unleashed, it has the potential to transform the environment or our space, with either positive or negative implications. The human race is given dominion over all of the earth, everything that creeps on it and remains subdued; an ecosystem balance. However, dominion in the human to human context distorts this notion and poses a question - who is power?



  • Stepping Stones: a wonderful celebration of the diversity of South African dance! Sunday, 1 September from 10:00 at the Wits Theatre. Entrance is free.
  • Dance Writers Workshop: funded by the Goethe Institut Johannesburg, this workshop will be facilitated by Mary Corrigall. Selected articles by participants and other designated journalists will be published in various Johannesburg newspapers.
  • Master Classes: facilitated by both local and international choreographers, these classes will take place during the Dance Umbrella. Please refer to the programme for details. Contact 011 492 2033 to reserve your place.
  • Face to Face: you are invited to discover more about particular works with a Face to Face conversation with selected choreographers after performances. Watch the press for these exciting opportunities.
  • Dance Meeting: the Dance community is invited to join a discussion for a way forward to instituting a dance constitution. Wednesday, 11 September from 15:00 at the Dance Factory.
  • Women and Dance: a gathering of dance creators from South Africa and Sweden. Sunday, 8 September from 12:00 at the Wits Downstairs Theatre. Contact Lebo on 011 838 7666.

TICKET PRICES: * Between R60 & R100

  • If you book for three or more programmes: 20% discount!
  • School Block Bookings of ten or more: R30.00 per student plus complimentary tickets for accompanying teachers.
  • Become a Friend of Dance and enjoy a 40% discount and invitations to dance events throughout the year. Call 082 570 3083 for further information.
  • Bookings at Computicket www.computicket.com



Dance Forum would like to thank all its partners who have made the Dance Umbrella 2013 possible:

City of Joburg, Arts Alive International Arts Festival, Gauteng Provincial Government, Goethe Institut Johannesburg, National Arts Council, Sunday Times, Rand Merchant Bank, Business and Arts South Africa, National Arts Council Portuguese, French Institute of South Africa, The French Embassy of South Africa, Ford Foundation, National Arts Council Singapore, The Tshikululu Foundation and Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council.


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